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Shop For Trade Show Exhibits

We want to share some ideas to help you when you shop for trade show exhibits. You will get the the best value for your tradeshow exhibits now and in the future. When it comes to trade show exhibits, quality is as important as price, because your trade show exhibits are not meant for one-time use. So you need to shop for exhibits that are sold at good prices but are not cheaply made.

When shopping for exhibit, buy factory direct is the smartest thing to do. Do your best to avoid the middleman because they add only costs, not value, to the transaction. Unfortunately, over 99% of online stores are middlemen who operate from home with nothing but a website. Many of them make false claims on their websites claiming to be a "manufacturer" or "sell factory direct". When in doubt, ask for street address of their warehouse and production facilities, and told them that you were planning to visit them. Most of them will not be able to provide any specific address, because they have none. DoTradeshow is one of the very few true trade show exhibit manufacturers who sell factory direct. We have a large warehouse and production facility in the Twin Cities.

Shopping for exhibits while they"re on sale is another good way to help your company save on tradeshow exhibits. For example, DoTradeshow runs special promotions once a month. When you are shopping for trade show exhibit, it does not hurt to ask if there is any promotions.

While shopping for trade show exhibits, you need to ask yourself what you have in mind about your exhibits. Are you shopping for banner exhibits, or shopping for panel exhibits, or shopping for pop up exhibits?

Your trade show exhibits need to fit within the space you rent at the trade show. Ask yourself what size space you usually rent at the exhibit hall before you shop for tradeshow exhibit. Keep in mind that your trade show exhibits need to be portable enough to transport and store, thus eliminate extra installation/storage service costs and shipping charges. You also need to shop for a trade show exhibit that is easy to use. You do not want to spend hours or require tools to set up and take down your exhibits. We recommend portable trade show exhibits. Some examples include pop up exhibits, banner stands, and table top panel exhibits. All of these exhibits are light weight and small in size which allow you to easily package and check them on the airplane or carry them in the trunk of a small rental car.

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